Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Episode #29

on with the series, this time fusing contemporary sounds with classics and some odd numbers..the challenge of this project is to give me the opportunity to dig my crates and mix alongside like minded people, without necessarily knowing what specific beatz they carry and so on...that was always the game for me, no preparation, no orders, all in one take, simply mix n match on the spot... and the joy of it when the outcome is solid...

You can't be sure what you will get when Tzontzos is sharing his sound with the crowd.

To him it really doesn't matter whether its disco, house , down tempo/ chill out , ambient, kraut, electronica, psychedelic, funk or soul, tags are not his favorite thing..Could be a relaxing soundtrack beginning under the shadow of a palm tree evolving to a dance floor oriented vibe..

Honestly i was in doubt as to what to expect and what the end result would be...we finally blended our beats neatly, having a couple of contributions by the usual suspect as well .. the above described diversity of tracks n sounds is apparent throughout this mix.... enjoy...house with a twist..

download in glorious 320