Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Episode #25

we're back in the Blackball HQs for this one which means no more borders and barriers in terms of music...to spice things up, divert from the last 3 live shows and get back on track with the original purpose of this show i chose to host a man who's carrying more than 25yrs of musical experience on his back, a friend from way back joining me and laying down beatz from the past present and future... in true space age style i present K.K. from the infamus Otaku Soundsystem..

Replicant (M) Des: K.K.
NEXUS 2.3 N23KK100373
Incept Date: 3 Oct, 1973
Func: Tech / Disconization Prog.
Retrained (12 Mar, 2010) Citizen Protection
Phys: LEV. B      Ment: LEV. A

nom de guerre: Funkraum23, Light & Shadow Discotheque, Nightlight, The Goth
Teams: Otaku Soundsystem, Mr. Bolek & Mr. Lolek, Opera di Bestia, The Zakulas, Horror Vacui

a male unit of advanced age currently operating in Athens, Greece. developed as a leisure model at first, on early stages he was trained to work with humans for hybrid group operations - with little success, most notably with teen-pop idols HorrorVacui. he was consequently re-oriented to join the entertainment industry and soon forced himself in places of power. at the same time though he developed a taste for rogue rhythmic experiments that forced him to seek and find new alliances.

collaborating with fellow conspirators Dura and Chick (both alleged humans) they formed Otaku Soundsystem, a team exercising in exploratory excursions in club territory. this remains to the day his longest standing active co-operation, although the group's sporadic appearances have slowly pushed them to the nether regions of subcultural limbo.

he joined Plasteline mega-corp as a hitman, disguised under the innocent-looking moniker of Mr. Bolek / Mr. Lolek (ed: still disputed which one). in the meantime he worked as prompter, opium den owner, accountant, ginger-ale merchant and dog trainer, eventually participating in The Zakulas (a league of tricksters with a very short lifespan) and top-class high art project Opera di Bestia.

during a self-imposed few years' isolation period spent working in a ship's machine room (see: Funkraum23), he joined the secretive order Operation MindFuck. functioning as a silent ally, occasionally activated only for under-the-radar, one-off missions in various guises, he's currently training assassins for the cult. in his spare time, he's rumoured to develop sonic weapons of mass destruction hinted on ancient and apocryphal texts. interestingly, he's also involved in Citizen Protection programs, although the nature of his duties can only be surmised with dread.

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