Monday, April 30, 2012

Episode #18

i've been considering the amount of tunes played during the years as this show is progressing ... said you've got the history of house in here, past present and future! cannot disagree!
this time around i had another long time friend to join me on the wheels of steel. a man that played a key role on establishing the d2 legacy in the capital about twelve years ago, a man that deserves respect for his course and achievements over the years.

Christos Martinis aka Funkslut was born in Volos, Greece in 1973  and was raised in Munich, Germany where he also studied and partly built his career. as an audio engineer and music producer he's counting numerous projects, some of which are still echoing proudly. holding a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Music (Southern Cross University Australia), in 1998 he initiates and participates in the opening of SAE Athens, the well known Creative Media Institute for which he currently works as the Head of Academic Resources. on the parallel he establishes Plasteline in Munich and Athens a company first aimed in organizing performance events of electronic music nature. as of 2006 the project gains a strict recording / publishing character and since then counts numerous releases from artists around the globe. as a DJ he adores most kinds of house and techno styles, which he passionately and persistently represents throughout his sets.

as he confessed, he had to sit down and sort his shit for a couple of weeks prior to the show, which is what this project is all about. digging the crates and coming up with tunes we'd love to share with the world. quite a few leftfield beats some deep techno vibes plus a couple of classics, this episode has it all! as for the mix itself, solid as a rock... 

download in glorious 320