Saturday, March 3, 2012

news bulletin

"A new night comprising a rotating list of residents dedicated to bringing the best in underground sounds to Athens with love; made by and for this city's party people"

Beginning on Saturday the 10th of March on the recently pumped up sound system of the Bar space of Six D.O.G.S. we cordially invite you to our new monthly party; as a group we have been kicking this idea about for a bit and as you can see from the list of participants we envisage being a part of this project, all share in a sense of quality underground music but each has their own personal take on it, giving what we think will be a unique quality to an across the board, friends and family type night.

There are no headliners - this is all of our night, and out of the pot of ROTATION residents 5 different DJs will play each month with those names only being announced on the night to the public!

We'd love you to come down and support in person on the night; what we really hope to see is grass roots support for a local team from a local community of music lovers!

So far there are two dates locked in for ROTATION: Saturday March 10th & Saturday April 21st but the ultimate goal is to graduate to the gig stage and make this a monthly standard party of big proportions in the near future; Athens DJs Stand Up!


Alexees (Trouble / Jazz.GR)
Black Athena (Jo & Costis - AIR FM/Cloud City/Trouble/Fantastic Vol 2)
Bomba Energia Soundsystem (VM Radio/ B-Music)
Boycott (d2/Lowdown/Blackball)
Δημητρης ( Synch - Θρι Σιξτι - Φ α b r i k a )
Dynamons (Echovolt/Let Go!)
Egon (Granny/Let Go!)
Espeekay (Plenty/Listen Up!)
Fresh Things First (Jeph1 & Circo Inverso)
G_ (Gunderscore) (Let Go!/BHAT)
Giganta (RBMA 2011)
Petit Bear (Fantastic Vol. 2/Beatniks)
Runner (d2/Lowdown/Subbed Out)
Mr. Statik (BPitch Control/Subbed Out)
Zak (Krank Funk, ήχος ανοχής)

Saturday the 10th of March / Σάββατο 10 Μαρτίου
Six D.O.G.S. Αβραμιώτου 6-8, Μοναστηράκι

Doors: 10pm / FREE ENTRY