Saturday, March 24, 2012

Episode #17

after a month of silence we return with a bang..
hosting one of the immovable figures in Athens underground dance was a task on its fact i had to ask for help to get this show i have to show my appreciation to Zak who was the man to literally grab my guest and drag him down to the Blackball expected, i got the full combo so u got Kyvellos, Zak and myself on a two and a half hour back to back extravaganza..

Kyvellos official introduction in Athens dance scene dates back to the late 80s when he was part of the classic Flavour Crew alongside Alexees, Zak, Culture Mark and Brother Tee taking place at the Lycabetus. into the 90s he maintained a residency at the now legendary Groovin in Athens while also spinning his records at various dungeons in the capital. later on he became a resident at the infamous Limousine parties at the roof top bar of Athens Hilton. nowadays he's the proud owner and curator of Kasseta Record Store, perhaps the only vinyl record boutique in Athens.

its always a pleasure to host top dogs in the show...together we provided this Blackball future retro...enjoy

download in glorious 320