Sunday, January 8, 2012

Episode #15

born on the cusp of two decades so musically rich that undoubtedly growing up in that era helped build an appreciation for all forms of that which we call dance music, the enigmatic artist known as Thomey Bors truly came to existence on embarking upon a temporary move to one of the most significant musical motherlands to attend university.

on returning to Greece having completed studies in the UK he took to bedroom production and DJing and teamed up with long term friend and collaborator Petit Bear, another Athens based selector and regular on the capital’s low end. together the pair formed the Beatnicks, a two-way stab at bringing low end, bass, glitchy hip hop and what was briefly touted as wonky to a tightly constructed club mixed setting. the duo quickly found an appreciative audience and went on to feature at nights alongside the likes of Cinnaman, Jay Scarlett and Mark Pritchard as well as guesting at the debut Cloud City concept night alongside London hip hop head Paul White and Washington DCs producer and MC Pursuit Grooves.

last time we enjoyed a back to back session with le baron Thomey Bors I had to watch my car being towed away in the middle of a country road…so I played it safe and hosted his reappearance on the show in the Blackball headquarters. had to do it anyway as he’s churning out his own production at an alarming rate while varying the genres, influences, bpms and style of execution as he hones his craft. check the disparate, spaced out beauty of Synthetic Junk, the hypnotic drive of The Path or the Zarpa (to be released on This Side Music) as well as the old school influence of Celestial Beings and be prepared to be impressed at the depth, range and signature sound that defines his music.

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