Sunday, December 23, 2012

news bulletin

time to flip the script, time to evolve...
we're going live once again..we even respect our friends so much that we chose a venue offering some of the best coctails in town...
announcing the Blackball Nights Monthly Sessions at Spiti Cocktail Bar kicking off proceedings on the 11th of Jan with the full combo of the Bomba Energia Sound System (Antoine Catelan, Rusty Brown and Anthony K) joining your host on the 1s and 2s followed by the 22nd of Feb with lineup TBA soon...extracts of the nights will be posted on the blog as always...

in the meantime, as this season has been oddly quiet on the music front so far here's an exclusive mix i did for Paranoise Radio hosted at the weekly guest dj section on Saturday 15th of December
finally this is a last minute reminder for the ROTATION Xmass Eve Bash to be held at 6 D.O.G.S. downtown Athens...this time bigger and better than ever with 16 of our resident rotating djs taking turns at the decks in shared and back to back sessions with a very Christmassy spirit! seasons greetings to all...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Episode #21

fourth season down the line and what a start. i'm joined by a unique friend, a femme extraordinaire who has been in the spotlight over the last years for a few good reasons.  a musician leaving in Athens Giganta studied classical music since the age of 12, and continued as a piano & flute player.  she has participated in classical choirs as a singer, performed with a woodwind band for 2 years, explored jazz music with different bands, played as a keyboardist in many alternative indie bands, and finished her studies as a music teacher. she has been introduced in the dance scene as Manekinekod back in 2008, followed by the project Magnitophono with noumerous releases and collaborations to date. an RBMA participant in Madrid 2011, nowadays she appears under the Giganta moniker, performing live on various venues in the Greek capital while developing her mixing skills as part of the Rotation roster and throwing unique sets on special
one off events. if all the above is not enough, Giganta is also involved in making sound installations for Reactify Music for i-phone and i-pad.

we spent quite some time together lately on vacation where i got her unique vibe and deep love for music, plus her recent performances have been top notch so i had to bring her in to do this seasons opening show....and i have to say, she's definately coming back in the future.. catch her Madly Radio Show Thursdays (20:00-22:00) on Paranoiseradio .

download in glorious 320

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Episode #20

in true Blackball style for this last show of the season we flip the script and get on a different note offering you two hour-long mixes of diverse soundscapes, what i think is the perfect soundtrack for your lazy hazy summer days!

part A comes courtesy of Core Urban Shopping Store, an ambient mix for those late night - early morning hours. James Enox taking a leftfield electronica approach on the 1s and 2s.

part B is a special Balearic session provided by Kasseta Records. each and every track in there is a jewel, so sit back, relax and enjoy a selection of monster tunes mixed by a maestro of this sound.

once again i'd like to show my appreciation to all artists who joined me and contributed on the show during the last three years. we're taking a couple of months off and will be back with a fresh series hosting cream of the crop underground house artists.

download Part A in glorious 320

download Part B in glorious 320

Friday, May 25, 2012

Episode #19

on with the series with a man representing a trio, sort of like their front man joining me on this two plus hour sound-scape. it stroked me some time ago when i listened to him and his clan spinning "unheard of" house music at a local gig. as i found out they were banging out funk records in such a tempo, with such a style, it sounded like house! now that was unique, so much i had to have them on the show.

Bomba Energia Soundsystem started out on 2005 between two very good friends with completely different music preferences. Rusty Brown can be described as the radical of the duo since he is much closer to more electronic types of music such as acid house, electro disco, early Chicago house as well as nu disco, 70's boogie, and 80's electro. on the other hand Antoine, the eldest with musical preferences varying from new wave and rock'n' roll to native African, Caribbean rock, kraut and 60's swings.
after three years of 
live performances on VM radio shows another very important member was added to the team Anthony K. being the youngest of them all didn't play a part at all since he adapted his style easily playing deep Afro beat, Latin and managed to deliver a very unique black sound. 
when those three friends met and performed a live set they created a very unique musical experience through their different
musical influences, an explosive highly energetic feeling, the Bomba Energia Soundsystem was formed.

we're coming to a close  for the season as summer is just around the corner. keep your eyes peeled for a couple of special mixes to conclude the third season of the Blackball Show. stay tuned..

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Episode #18

i've been considering the amount of tunes played during the years as this show is progressing ... said you've got the history of house in here, past present and future! cannot disagree!
this time around i had another long time friend to join me on the wheels of steel. a man that played a key role on establishing the d2 legacy in the capital about twelve years ago, a man that deserves respect for his course and achievements over the years.

Christos Martinis aka Funkslut was born in Volos, Greece in 1973  and was raised in Munich, Germany where he also studied and partly built his career. as an audio engineer and music producer he's counting numerous projects, some of which are still echoing proudly. holding a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Music (Southern Cross University Australia), in 1998 he initiates and participates in the opening of SAE Athens, the well known Creative Media Institute for which he currently works as the Head of Academic Resources. on the parallel he establishes Plasteline in Munich and Athens a company first aimed in organizing performance events of electronic music nature. as of 2006 the project gains a strict recording / publishing character and since then counts numerous releases from artists around the globe. as a DJ he adores most kinds of house and techno styles, which he passionately and persistently represents throughout his sets.

as he confessed, he had to sit down and sort his shit for a couple of weeks prior to the show, which is what this project is all about. digging the crates and coming up with tunes we'd love to share with the world. quite a few leftfield beats some deep techno vibes plus a couple of classics, this episode has it all! as for the mix itself, solid as a rock... 

download in glorious 320

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Episode #17

after a month of silence we return with a bang..
hosting one of the immovable figures in Athens underground dance was a task on its fact i had to ask for help to get this show i have to show my appreciation to Zak who was the man to literally grab my guest and drag him down to the Blackball expected, i got the full combo so u got Kyvellos, Zak and myself on a two and a half hour back to back extravaganza..

Kyvellos official introduction in Athens dance scene dates back to the late 80s when he was part of the classic Flavour Crew alongside Alexees, Zak, Culture Mark and Brother Tee taking place at the Lycabetus. into the 90s he maintained a residency at the now legendary Groovin in Athens while also spinning his records at various dungeons in the capital. later on he became a resident at the infamous Limousine parties at the roof top bar of Athens Hilton. nowadays he's the proud owner and curator of Kasseta Record Store, perhaps the only vinyl record boutique in Athens.

its always a pleasure to host top dogs in the show...together we provided this Blackball future retro...enjoy

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

news bulletin

"A new night comprising a rotating list of residents dedicated to bringing the best in underground sounds to Athens with love; made by and for this city's party people"

Beginning on Saturday the 10th of March on the recently pumped up sound system of the Bar space of Six D.O.G.S. we cordially invite you to our new monthly party; as a group we have been kicking this idea about for a bit and as you can see from the list of participants we envisage being a part of this project, all share in a sense of quality underground music but each has their own personal take on it, giving what we think will be a unique quality to an across the board, friends and family type night.

There are no headliners - this is all of our night, and out of the pot of ROTATION residents 5 different DJs will play each month with those names only being announced on the night to the public!

We'd love you to come down and support in person on the night; what we really hope to see is grass roots support for a local team from a local community of music lovers!

So far there are two dates locked in for ROTATION: Saturday March 10th & Saturday April 21st but the ultimate goal is to graduate to the gig stage and make this a monthly standard party of big proportions in the near future; Athens DJs Stand Up!


Alexees (Trouble / Jazz.GR)
Black Athena (Jo & Costis - AIR FM/Cloud City/Trouble/Fantastic Vol 2)
Bomba Energia Soundsystem (VM Radio/ B-Music)
Boycott (d2/Lowdown/Blackball)
Δημητρης ( Synch - Θρι Σιξτι - Φ α b r i k a )
Dynamons (Echovolt/Let Go!)
Egon (Granny/Let Go!)
Espeekay (Plenty/Listen Up!)
Fresh Things First (Jeph1 & Circo Inverso)
G_ (Gunderscore) (Let Go!/BHAT)
Giganta (RBMA 2011)
Petit Bear (Fantastic Vol. 2/Beatniks)
Runner (d2/Lowdown/Subbed Out)
Mr. Statik (BPitch Control/Subbed Out)
Zak (Krank Funk, ήχος ανοχής)

Saturday the 10th of March / Σάββατο 10 Μαρτίου
Six D.O.G.S. Αβραμιώτου 6-8, Μοναστηράκι

Doors: 10pm / FREE ENTRY

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Episode #16

i've been chasing him down for ages. distance was an issue as he resides up north but we finally managed to get together for this long awaited episode. it was a pleasure to host long time friend, fellow compatriot and one of my hometown's old dogs...
DimDJ started spinning records back in 1992. his influences cover a wider than wide range of musical genres from 80's acid house to 90's techno-rave and ambient all the way to skate-punk and new wave-electro. in 1998 he started experimenting on music production resulting in his first track (under his Magnet moniker) released as part of the Regroovable Market compilation comprising of Greek electronic music artists on Rubber Recordings. moving on, from 2001 to 2006 he was running the label Relax Records and the project Epidemic Elements with partner in crime Dj PiCi. in 2007 DimDJ together with Mijo started the Audio Atlas project. three years later the duo got releases on Chicago based Mathematics Recordings. DimDJ is currently running the Space Channel on Ustream broadcasting on random dates and times.
as if all the above is not enough, he is still developing his love to draw and design under the James Enox alias. all in all a multi-talented, versatile man. in this mix we deliver a crossover sound between the leftfield, 80s/90s acid house, jack house, deep & smooth, whatever new sounds like classic, all with a twist. this is Blackball avant garde...

download in glorious 320

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Episode #15

born on the cusp of two decades so musically rich that undoubtedly growing up in that era helped build an appreciation for all forms of that which we call dance music, the enigmatic artist known as Thomey Bors truly came to existence on embarking upon a temporary move to one of the most significant musical motherlands to attend university.

on returning to Greece having completed studies in the UK he took to bedroom production and DJing and teamed up with long term friend and collaborator Petit Bear, another Athens based selector and regular on the capital’s low end. together the pair formed the Beatnicks, a two-way stab at bringing low end, bass, glitchy hip hop and what was briefly touted as wonky to a tightly constructed club mixed setting. the duo quickly found an appreciative audience and went on to feature at nights alongside the likes of Cinnaman, Jay Scarlett and Mark Pritchard as well as guesting at the debut Cloud City concept night alongside London hip hop head Paul White and Washington DCs producer and MC Pursuit Grooves.

last time we enjoyed a back to back session with le baron Thomey Bors I had to watch my car being towed away in the middle of a country road…so I played it safe and hosted his reappearance on the show in the Blackball headquarters. had to do it anyway as he’s churning out his own production at an alarming rate while varying the genres, influences, bpms and style of execution as he hones his craft. check the disparate, spaced out beauty of Synthetic Junk, the hypnotic drive of The Path or the Zarpa (to be released on This Side Music) as well as the old school influence of Celestial Beings and be prepared to be impressed at the depth, range and signature sound that defines his music.

download in glorious 320