Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Episode #14

was about time I made some effort to get this project going once again. loads of traveling, a bit of well deserved time off and we’re on for another adventurous year. so its finally here. Blackball new season, fresh lineup, underground house masters for your ears. kick starting with a man I met for a few drinks some months back, turns out he’s a low profile, cool, like minded chap with serious skills on the wheels. spanning over two hours, the mix we produced is tight to say the least.

Lee Burton aka Liberto was born in Athens in the mid 80's. from the age of 9 he knew that music was his big passion. as a teenager, after years of music studies, he got involved with music playing as a guitarist and bassist for various prog. rock, jazz rock / fusion groups- projects , composing music and collecting records.

these early influences would later evolve in to a passion for house and techno , electronic music production and djing. however, it was at the age of 19, when he began making his first tracks and playing at local parties as a dj. after a few years and some changes on his music character he found himself releasing his debut album "Lullaby" as "Liberto" on the Athens based label Klik records, in addition to an ep called "Contra" on Klik's sub label "Nuevo", taking great feedback from the Greek and international press and putting his name on the map of electronic music.

in 2007, Liberto & Mihalis Safras teamed up for the first time, producing a unique style rather different from their own. they released various e.p's and remixes for labels such as Trapez, Cusp, Zenit and Syndikaat and their sound earned the appreciation of the modern techno scene. meanwhile, the duo launched "Material" record label, releasing techno music from great producers like Mark Broom and Lee Van Dowski, among others. material's releases were played and charted by some of the best djs in the scene.

at the same time, Liberto was attempting to express himself with more percussive elements and deep sounds. the resulting offerings "Plastikk" e.p on Playmobil and "Martini" e.p on Cusp entered the charts of many djs. as a dj, Liberto played at some of the best clubs in Greece and Europe including U-60311, Mangali (Ger), Solyanka (Ru), A.K.A, The Egg, Micro (UK), Cavo Paradiso, Fuzz (Gr).

in 2009 the "Lee Burton" alias was born, in order to produce pure tech- house music and his first tracks were released from labels such as Plastic City, Orpheas and Blind Stitch.

keep your eyes peeled for his new LP “busy days for fools” out Feb 2012 on Klik records.

download in glorious 320