Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Episode #9

Zak has been active in the Greek club scene since the late 80's, fortunate enough to live the house burst in the 90's throughout the last decade. his beloved residencies were at Amsterdam Cafe, a hip place in the heart of Athens with an obscure crowd that established the dj culture in cafe's, Camel Club late nigh marathons, Grooving basement dirt funk days, the glossy Limousine Ozon parties at the Hilton Hotel rooftop and the Big Chill sessions in Naxos as well as the Enchanted Garden in the UK and the neo disco sound of BBluz cafe with guests such as Todd Terje & The Unabombers.
by mid 90's he was putting on events with his buddies Dimitris, Alexees & Tassos as Flavour & Intrafunk with Dj Harvey, Paper Recordings, Simon Lee of Faze Action , Jazzanova & Tim Love Lee (Tummy Touch). his sound signature if it must be tagged is Leftfield House & Disco, an off center sound but that's not all. His passion for jazz, funk & fusion found a home on Jazz fm 102,4 and later on Cool fm 98,7. one day during his show on Jazz with James Mason on the decks he got a call from a surprised listener asking "who's playing this man?" ... "Who's asking mate?" he replies,. that was Mark S, a dear friend since then that introduced him to production tricks. Fiona M was already there, all the way, a driving force that dared. Coda Recordings label and studio was soon a dream made true. the Jazz fm basement was now taken over and revamped into the Coda Records HQ. Coda was dealing mostly with Greek talented producers and that was the plan, but life's got some twists & turns that you can't see coming your way, meeting up & hanging out with Paul McCartney was one of them. right before Paul's "Back in the U.S. Tour" in 2002 a promotional CD with remixes of Wings' tracks was put out and Zak reworked "Coming Up" a tough disco number, then flew to LA, backstage for the concert. that's when he realized what Rock n Roll is about !!!

nowdays Zak is a bit like David Mancuso, not leaving home unless there's a serious reason or sound system and i'm proud to say the Blackball show was one. occasionally he does The President Hotel Penthhouse 21 nights with Mr G, never scheduled and this is a mystery kids! took some time for this show to happen but it was worth the wait..this is the first time i shared my turntables with the need to say play

download in glorious 320