Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode #6

this was the first show out of Athens, quite an adventurous one to say the least...after a long drive up north, a broken tightener in the car's engine and some late night towage, Blackball managed to reach its final destination, the Beatnicks HQs. joined on location by local people and others migrating from Athens, the show kicked off with some delay but stretched for over three and a half hours as Thomey Bors, Petit Bear and myself took turns to provide a full on "history of house" mix. Numerous classics combined with some hot off the press numbers covering over two decades of the sound we love and share..

being low profile to the bone doesn't mean the Beatnicks, are not active in the local music scene. Petit Bear is running the biweekly Fantastic Vol.2 nights with Jo Black Athena while updating his 45mins blogspot and performing in selected gigs. Thomey Bors is concentrated on his studio work lately producing some unique and wicked beats. Keep your eyes peeled for future tracks and appearances of the duo..

once again a massive thanx to the 3well massive for their excellent hospitality..it was a joyful excursion to be remembered...and repeated for sure!!

download in glorious 320