Saturday, January 29, 2011

Episode #5

2010 was the year the d2 nights came to a close completing a remarkable adventure as we both have been heading away from our ongoing dnb excursions of the last decade .. special events that drew the attention of the unsuspected ear (and eye on some occasions) left a stamp on ourselves and the crowds of what we called future soul..this show portrays the duo's progression on different roads and yet again the merge on beatz we love on a different note as myself together with my main man the Runner spread some wonderful across the board all styles house vibes for the 5th episode in the series...

Runner has been anything but quiet lately getting booked on numerous events to portray his bass heavy sound while hosting guest nights such as Untitled, Subbed Out and Bloc Party. Next up is the Mutant House night where the d2 make a one off reappearance together with man of the moment Altered Natives..this episode is quite simply a taste of things to come...

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Episode #4

he has been in the forefront of Athens nightlife for quite a few years...together with partner in crime (and life) Jo they form the renowned Black Athena duo, a music collective online, in print and on well as hosting a weekly show on Athens International Radio 104.4, Costis runs the 360 independent record store and also co-hosts the Trouble nights together with Alexees Urban is written all over him nowadays and he enjoys it to the max.. needless to say its quite an achievement i managed to get him over for the fourth episode of the Blackball Show...

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Episode #3

the man needs no introduction ... part of Improvize, The Pins, Partycular and Urban Disco collectives as well as a member of the Red Bull Home Groove team, performing throughout Greece for ages now, Chevy joins your host for a two and a half hour back to back journey of rolling contemporary beatz ... seamless...

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