Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Episode #14

was about time I made some effort to get this project going once again. loads of traveling, a bit of well deserved time off and we’re on for another adventurous year. so its finally here. Blackball new season, fresh lineup, underground house masters for your ears. kick starting with a man I met for a few drinks some months back, turns out he’s a low profile, cool, like minded chap with serious skills on the wheels. spanning over two hours, the mix we produced is tight to say the least.

Lee Burton aka Liberto was born in Athens in the mid 80's. from the age of 9 he knew that music was his big passion. as a teenager, after years of music studies, he got involved with music playing as a guitarist and bassist for various prog. rock, jazz rock / fusion groups- projects , composing music and collecting records.

these early influences would later evolve in to a passion for house and techno , electronic music production and djing. however, it was at the age of 19, when he began making his first tracks and playing at local parties as a dj. after a few years and some changes on his music character he found himself releasing his debut album "Lullaby" as "Liberto" on the Athens based label Klik records, in addition to an ep called "Contra" on Klik's sub label "Nuevo", taking great feedback from the Greek and international press and putting his name on the map of electronic music.

in 2007, Liberto & Mihalis Safras teamed up for the first time, producing a unique style rather different from their own. they released various e.p's and remixes for labels such as Trapez, Cusp, Zenit and Syndikaat and their sound earned the appreciation of the modern techno scene. meanwhile, the duo launched "Material" record label, releasing techno music from great producers like Mark Broom and Lee Van Dowski, among others. material's releases were played and charted by some of the best djs in the scene.

at the same time, Liberto was attempting to express himself with more percussive elements and deep sounds. the resulting offerings "Plastikk" e.p on Playmobil and "Martini" e.p on Cusp entered the charts of many djs. as a dj, Liberto played at some of the best clubs in Greece and Europe including U-60311, Mangali (Ger), Solyanka (Ru), A.K.A, The Egg, Micro (UK), Cavo Paradiso, Fuzz (Gr).

in 2009 the "Lee Burton" alias was born, in order to produce pure tech- house music and his first tracks were released from labels such as Plastic City, Orpheas and Blind Stitch.

keep your eyes peeled for his new LP “busy days for fools” out Feb 2012 on Klik records.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

news bulletin

3rd season's shows abt to kick off with a fresh lineup including:

Lee Burton
Bomba Energia Trio
Plasteline Recs

+ more TBA

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Episode #13

beginning in radio production at the tender age of 18 via her then university station, Miss Black Athena quickly began her ascent into underground music expertise, with an unquenchable thirst for new music and old. having worked in record shops, for labels, in promotion and dabbling in music journalism it wasn't long before she teamed up with her partner in crime and began putting on parties around London, before an unplanned move to the Greek capital where her momentum gathered and the Black Athena brand was born. typically English she is obsessive about music, obnoxious, and tends towards drunken hooliganism - however her knowledge, and quest for more knowledge sets her aside from your usual brawling bar room thug and places her on a particular pedestal of charm! you can catch her DJing around and about the Greek capital, hosting the Cloud City Pop-Up parties, playing twice weekly on Athens International Radio and helping out at the 360 record Store in Gazi; the timing was perfect for Jo to join me as this was the final episode of the series for the season...not your typical friday night extravaganza!! pulling out tracks that were sampled as hell back in the early days to shape the sound we call house music, some classics plus some fresh beats to sum up a year of endless turntable madness...

artist info

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Episode #12

Bodj began to collect music at the age of 12 after being put on to rock & punk by friends who would kindly compile tapes for him. by 15 he discovered a talent for the art of graffiti prompting him to begin collecting old school hip hop, disco and early electro. his passion for b-boy art forms eventually led him one step further and by 2000 Bodj began to play hip hop through house to a soulful style for friends at small venues around and about...
early 2005 Bodj took classes in sound engineering and electronic music production at the SAE institute of technology, the same period saw an explosion of the tech-house scene in which he immersed himself fully. influenced by his studies and a new breed of house/techno producers Bodj was driven to further develop his own skills and cement a style based around house & techno and their variable sub-genres…his impeccable mixing style and technique has made him one of the hottest Athenian djs for the time being,with appearances at respected Greek venues & festivals such as Entechno festival,European Music Day,Six Dogs,Loop just to name a few..Bodj is also releasing music in labels such as diaphan , percusa, monique musique etc, with more new stuff coming soon …

prepare to hear more of him in the near future..in the meantime here is the man's contribution on the show...two plus hours of back to back house extravaganza..

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Episode #11

Thodoris Triantafillou was born in Athens in 1977. from the early 80s he started listening to different styles of music, thanks to tapes that friends and family passed to him. in the beginning of the 90s, when the rave scene was exploding, he started buying vinyl records and spin them at a local radio station and many parties and clubs in Athens. back then he bought his first PC and started composing music and doing some productions for friends. on 1999 he released his first single and album which was digitally released and distributed for free via his website metadubsoundesign (MDSD). in the 00s Thodoris released 5 EPs as one half of the NOVOX project. after that he decided to work as a solo artist. many EPs and remixes came out on Katchuli, Quantized Music, Souvenir Recordings, Orpheas Music, Diaphan Music, Genowefa Recordings amongst others. the results were many sales and support from DJs like Nick Warren, Roberto Rodriguez,James Zabiela, Richie Hawtin, Groove Armada, Tiefschwarz, Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham, Josh Wink, Brothers Vibe, Phonique plus many others.he also is the co-owner of the Rhythmetic label which is also based in Athens. his latest works are released on Rhythmetic label.

his moto is "Music is not a format, it's freedom, amusement, mood and spreading love". so, under that moto, he still makes music that expresses him. as he says: "The quality and the mood of the final result is the one that counts and not the genre/style that you are playing". after 18 years as a DJ he has played the most of the music genres like Drum & Bass, Breaks, Hip Hop, Soul, RNB, Techno, House,
Dub, Disco, Trip Hop, Jazz. and this can be heard on his releases and productions.
Thodoris has played at the biggest clubs in Greece like Dybbuk, Cavo Paradiso, Animal, W Club, Tango, Monroe, Block33. he has also played abroad in places like Germany and United Kingdom. currently, he is resident at the Deepsoul Collective nights together with Theo Tag, G Spice and Kosta Tee, running weekly in downtown Athens. stretching over two hours, this show has proven to be a nicely drawn back to back mix between your host and a man of many milestones. respect for coming down and gracing the wheels of the Blackball show..

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Episode #10

Stathis Kalatzis is hidden behind the Mr.Statik moniker. born in 1978, he grew up in Volos, where his musical influences go back to 1990 and the rising hardcore/breakbeat scene. several parties, moving to Athens to study Political Science at Panteion University and a firm embrace of techno music lead to the form of Improvize- a mobile party with fellow dj Chevy aiming at bringing a fresh sound of techno and house in all its forms. during 2003 he performed in more gigs and club nights, and had the chance to make a wonderful trip to Cape Town with the Red Bull Music Academy. in the beginning of 2005 he forms the Mud Max project alongside amigo Motek (first releases out on Balkon and Ware). after the second half of 2006, Mr Statik starts to work solo as well, signing his first eps in labels such as Karloff, Stock5 and Octopus with a variety of tracks which embrace his moodier and atmospheric side...2007 finds him djing between his local residency at Fetisch and gigs abroad (with Monegros Festival and Tresor standing out as highlights) whereas in 2008 more releases and international appearances are on the way alongside a signing to UK label Immigrant and Berlin’s Rotary Cocktail and Perplex. 2009 kicks off with a series of rmxs, further appearances across Europe and a signing to Bpitch Control’s sister label Memo. in 2010 he continues working heavily on rmxing duties for various artists/labels, while preparing his Bpitch Control comeback and touring between Germany, France and Spain. he signs his first ep for Berlin based Mo’s Ferry released in autumn and signs Sinphony (feat. The Boy) to the upcoming Werkschau compilation on Bpitch Control. for the 10th Episode in the series Mr Statik joins your host on a 5 hour back to back session!!! this...a Blackball Marathon...

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Episode #9

Zak has been active in the Greek club scene since the late 80's, fortunate enough to live the house burst in the 90's throughout the last decade. his beloved residencies were at Amsterdam Cafe, a hip place in the heart of Athens with an obscure crowd that established the dj culture in cafe's, Camel Club late nigh marathons, Grooving basement dirt funk days, the glossy Limousine Ozon parties at the Hilton Hotel rooftop and the Big Chill sessions in Naxos as well as the Enchanted Garden in the UK and the neo disco sound of BBluz cafe with guests such as Todd Terje & The Unabombers.
by mid 90's he was putting on events with his buddies Dimitris, Alexees & Tassos as Flavour & Intrafunk with Dj Harvey, Paper Recordings, Simon Lee of Faze Action , Jazzanova & Tim Love Lee (Tummy Touch). his sound signature if it must be tagged is Leftfield House & Disco, an off center sound but that's not all. His passion for jazz, funk & fusion found a home on Jazz fm 102,4 and later on Cool fm 98,7. one day during his show on Jazz with James Mason on the decks he got a call from a surprised listener asking "who's playing this man?" ... "Who's asking mate?" he replies,. that was Mark S, a dear friend since then that introduced him to production tricks. Fiona M was already there, all the way, a driving force that dared. Coda Recordings label and studio was soon a dream made true. the Jazz fm basement was now taken over and revamped into the Coda Records HQ. Coda was dealing mostly with Greek talented producers and that was the plan, but life's got some twists & turns that you can't see coming your way, meeting up & hanging out with Paul McCartney was one of them. right before Paul's "Back in the U.S. Tour" in 2002 a promotional CD with remixes of Wings' tracks was put out and Zak reworked "Coming Up" a tough disco number, then flew to LA, backstage for the concert. that's when he realized what Rock n Roll is about !!!

nowdays Zak is a bit like David Mancuso, not leaving home unless there's a serious reason or sound system and i'm proud to say the Blackball show was one. occasionally he does The President Hotel Penthhouse 21 nights with Mr G, never scheduled and this is a mystery kids! took some time for this show to happen but it was worth the wait..this is the first time i shared my turntables with the man..no need to say more...just...press play

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Episode #8

quite a unique show this time as Mr Jazz GR joined me for a three hour boogie down house mix... alexees has been roaming the Athenian dance music circuit for more than a decade, after sowing his wild oats as a student in the States in the early nineties where he presented a radio show on WMUC 88.1 FM in the DC area and made some rare appearances at bars such as the Eighteenth Street Lounge and State of the Union.

in Athens, he started the Flavour crew along with Zak (featured in the next episode), Dimitri K, Brother T and Culture Mark Stephenson. they maintained a mid-week residency at the legendary Groovin and provided the soundtrack for the trailblazing Limousine parties on top of the Athens Hilton.

alexees has also thrown parties as Intrafunk, Boogie Dub Social Club and Urban Disco. he's played alongside several respected DJ figures such as Harvey, the Idjut Boys, Moodymann, Daniel Wang, Prins Thomas, Rainer Truby, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Lee Douglas and Lovefingers, Tim Love Lee, Simon Lee, Mark E and others.

nowadays he expresses his taste for jazz, selecting records from his expanding collection of vinyl for the Jazz.gr podcast. he also prefers to get into Trouble, an event that he runs with Costis Black Athena which is devoted to the boogie sound of the late seventies and early eighties. this episode is clearly influenced by that boogie sound fused with some timeless house jems..enjoy

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Episode #7

and we're back to the base for the next episode of the series..this time long time friend Theo Lazos joined me for a two hour back to back mix...dub was the order of the day for this show, either in house or techno form, quite naturally as this is a major influence on the mans sound portrayed in his performances throughout the capital...over the last years Lazos worked hard to perfect his skills getting some major bookings including a Sub:conscious gig along side Mike Parker , a guest slot in epta ogdoa festival and a conspicuous warm up for Jeff Mills during his recent gig in Athens. watch out for future appearances in some of Athens underground dungeons..

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode #6

this was the first show out of Athens, quite an adventurous one to say the least...after a long drive up north, a broken tightener in the car's engine and some late night towage, Blackball managed to reach its final destination, the Beatnicks HQs. joined on location by local people and others migrating from Athens, the show kicked off with some delay but stretched for over three and a half hours as Thomey Bors, Petit Bear and myself took turns to provide a full on "history of house" mix. Numerous classics combined with some hot off the press numbers covering over two decades of the sound we love and share..

being low profile to the bone doesn't mean the Beatnicks, are not active in the local music scene. Petit Bear is running the biweekly Fantastic Vol.2 nights with Jo Black Athena while updating his 45mins blogspot and performing in selected gigs. Thomey Bors is concentrated on his studio work lately producing some unique and wicked beats. Keep your eyes peeled for future tracks and appearances of the duo..

once again a massive thanx to the 3well massive for their excellent hospitality..it was a joyful excursion to be remembered...and repeated for sure!!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Episode #5

2010 was the year the d2 nights came to a close completing a remarkable adventure as we both have been heading away from our ongoing dnb excursions of the last decade .. special events that drew the attention of the unsuspected ear (and eye on some occasions) left a stamp on ourselves and the crowds of what we called future soul..this show portrays the duo's progression on different roads and yet again the merge on beatz we love on a different note as myself together with my main man the Runner spread some wonderful across the board all styles house vibes for the 5th episode in the series...

Runner has been anything but quiet lately getting booked on numerous events to portray his bass heavy sound while hosting guest nights such as Untitled, Subbed Out and Bloc Party. Next up is the Mutant House night where the d2 make a one off reappearance together with man of the moment Altered Natives..this episode is quite simply a taste of things to come...

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Episode #4

he has been in the forefront of Athens nightlife for quite a few years...together with partner in crime (and life) Jo they form the renowned Black Athena duo, a music collective online, in print and on air...as well as hosting a weekly show on Athens International Radio 104.4, Costis runs the 360 independent record store and also co-hosts the Trouble nights together with Alexees Urban Disco..music is written all over him nowadays and he enjoys it to the max.. needless to say its quite an achievement i managed to get him over for the fourth episode of the Blackball Show...

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Episode #3

the man needs no introduction ... part of Improvize, The Pins, Partycular and Urban Disco collectives as well as a member of the Red Bull Home Groove team, performing throughout Greece for ages now, Chevy joins your host for a two and a half hour back to back journey of rolling contemporary beatz ... seamless...

artist info

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